Uninterruptible Power Supply PILOT UPS

UPS-unit for uninterruptible power supply to be connected to PILOT B10 Alarm and Indication Units.

The UPS-unit contains net transformer, AC/DC-converter, filters, regulator and batteries.The unit supplies a connected alarm unit and charges two maintanance free batteries.

The unit shall be conneted to 230 VAC, 50 Hz.

The unit is specially designed to supply one or several PILOT B10 Alarm and Indicator Units at power break down in the main net.

The unit is equipped with a signal contact that can be conneted to a PILOT B10 Alarm unit, which gives alarm when the main net breaks down.

The batteries have a capacity of 2,4 Ah and keeps a PILOT B10 Alarm och Indicator unit in operational mode d uring 15 30 hours depending of the number of active alarm.

Electronic parts and batteries are built in a box of grey plastic, 120 x 122 x 85 mm. The picture shows the unit open with the batteries and without lid.

There are three holes, diam. 16 mm, in the bottom for cables.

There are four openings for screw fastening.