Alarm Unit PILOT B10MX

The PILOT B10MX has ten alarm channels for closing input failure contacts, all individually programmable to an alarm delay time, specified by the customer.
There are push buttons for Reset and Test.
Power, failure input contacts and relay output are connected to a terminal at the rear of the unit.

Alarm Unit PILOT B10MXB

The PILOT B10MXB is similar to the B10MX but has ten alarm channels for breaking input failure contacts.


Indication of a failure

When a failure occurs, the output relay is activated after the programmed delay time and the alarm LED lights with a steady light.
Simultanously the corresponding channel LED indicates the position of the failure with a flashing light.

Reset function

The output relay is released by pressing the Reset-button. If the failure remains, the alarm LED darkens and the corresponding channel LED changes to a steady light until the failure disappears.
If the failure disappears before the unit has been reset, the alarm remains until the Reset-button is pressed. This causes the output relay to release and the alarm and channel LEDīs to darken.

Test function

A function test of the unit is activated by pressing the Test-button. This causes all LEDīs to flash and the output relay to activate.

Accessories and options

PILOT B10MX and B10MXB can be delivered with:
- built in transformer for 110 or 230 VAC power input
- built in adapter for 48 - 110 VDC power input
- protected enclosure for IP 54
- se also Accessories

More information

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